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Corfe Auto & Leisure Services offer fully mobile caravan and motorhome servicing and repairs, covering Dorset and surrounding areas
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Caravan Servicing

We cover all aspects of caravan servicing. It is highly recommended you have your caravan serviced on a regular, annual basis. Even if it has had no use, brakes can seize up and tyres can deteriorate when stood. Water systems can become frost damaged over the winter months, even if you have drained down the water system.

Here are some of the items which are checked during an annual service:

  • Under body
  • Corner Steadies and steps if fitted (checked for operation and lubricated)
  • All underbody waste pipes and outlets
  • Friction pads on coupling head
  • Coupling head (hitch), draw bar for wear and lubrication if needed
  • Coupling head gator, brake away cable condition
  • Jockey wheel checked for operation and lubricated
  • Condition of chassis and all chassis to body mounting bolts
  • Wheels and tyres checked for damage, wear and age along with tyre pressures
  • Check spare wheel and lubricate carrier
  • Visual examination of all suspension components
  • Brakes stripped down, checked for wear and damage, cleaned and adjusted
  • Handbrake mechanism checked for operation, wear and lubricate
  • Brake rods and cables checked for condition, lubricated and adjusted if required
  • Road wheels torqued to manufactures specification

Electrical system

  • Check condition of battery and battery compartment, top up if required and carry out high discharge test
  • Check battery charge rate from 12s/13pin plug, 240v mains charger and solar panels (if fitted)
  • Check condition of 12n,12s/13 pin hook up plugs and cables
  • Check operation of fridge from 12s plug and on mains
  • Check operation of all 12volt interior lighting and equipment including awning light
  • Check for correct routing and for any defects on 12volt wiring harnesses
  • Check Earth bonding is present
  • Check RCD for correct operation along with any MCB’s
  • Check all 240volt sockets for security and correct polarity
  • Check operation of electric hob (if fitted)
  • Check operation of electric space heater and ensure thermostats are working correctly
  • Check operation of mains water heater
  • Check condition and operation of any other 240volt appliances

Gas system

  • Check security and operation of gas regulator
  • Check condition and age of gas hoses
  • Carry out gas leak test and examination of all visible pipe work
  • Check security of gas bottles
  • To ensure all gas dispersal holes are free from obstruction
  • Check all gas appliances are performing correctly and are safe for use


  • Check all fixed ventilation is free from obstructions
  • Check roof lights for damage, security and correct operation

Fire and safety

  • Check smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms are working correctly
  • Check date and condition of any fire extinguishers

Water system

  • Check operation of water pump, pressure switches, micro switches, all valves taps and waste drains
  • Check toilet for correct operation and lubricate seals if required
  • Check water filter and all pipework for leakage


  • Carry out full damp test of internal ply, including roof and flooring where accessible
  • Check all furniture condition and operation including catches and hinges
  • Check all blinds, windows and doors including locks and catches for condition and correct operation
  • Check floor for ‘delamination’ and sponginess
  • Check condition of all roof lights, exterior mouldings and general condition of the roof

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